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Chairman’s Message

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Utah Engineers Council Journal 2021 Issue

Greetings from the Utah Engineers Council (UEC)! We invite you to become a part of the most dynamic organization in Utah. For almost 50 years, the UEC has promoted and strengthened engineering in our beautiful state. Our state has a rich history with contributions from Native Americans, pioneers, educators, and innovators. You should be proud to be in the state that brought the world the odometer, the television, the Frisbee, the traffic light, and the artificial heart. Truly, our state continues to be at the forefront of innovation across engineering: aerospace, defense, civil, infrastructure, health care, manufacturing, plumbing, and all domains in between.

When we held our annual engineers week banquet in 2020, no one could have imagined the great changes that would sweep across our nation and world. The COVID-19 pandemic affected every part of our lives. It affected the way we work — from working in the office to working from home. It affected the way we attended church — worshipping with each other from a distance. It affected the way we go to school — with online classes becoming widespread. It affected the way we lived our lives — from shopping to eating at restaurants to going on vacation.

Sadly, many of us watched or personally experienced the effects of COVID-19 on the health of those around us. Today, we grieve with those who have lost friends or family members to the devastating effects of COVID-19. Our hearts go out to you.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we imagined tomorrow and looked forward with hope to the future. We did what engineers do best: we came together and created innovative solutions to problems through technology. Our great people rose to the occasion, and we accomplished great things! We held our first hybrid banquet, with people attending safely in person at the Davis Conference Center in Layton and others participating virtually from within and beyond our state. We supported engineering college students across our state with generous scholarships. We recognized our local talent with awards: the MESA teaching award, the engineering educator award, the fresh face of engineering, and the engineer of the year award.

During our 2020-2021 year, we celebrated the important work of engineers and engaged the next generation of innovators. Engineers are changing the world and are inventing, designing, and creating things that matter. As we imagine tomorrow, engineers will be at the heart of combating climate change, securing cyberspace, developing vaccines, and making the world a better place for all of us. We invite you to celebrate with us and help inspire future engineers as we imagine tomorrow.

If someone had told me that we would conduct our 2020-2021 year during the global COVID-19 pandemic, I would have been incredulous, bewildered, or perhaps a little amused. Yet, we came together and pressed forward despite great adversity. We overcome challenges together and imagined tomorrow. I am proud of what we have accomplished this year. Moreover, I am proud of our UEC Leadership Team, The newsLINK Group, our students, and our local engineering talent. Above all, I am humbly grateful to our sponsors, whose generosity makes all of this possible.

We imagine tomorrow with hope and optimism toward our future. Our state has great people and especially exemplary engineers. Will you join us and help us promote and strengthen engineering for our future?